Yunie's Commissions

Status: Open
Slots: 4/5

Hey, and welcome! Thank you for commissioning me!





Cel Shaded

Blend Shaded


Sketch - $100
No Background

Flats - $200
Simple Background

Lineart - $150
Basic Background

Cel Shaded - $250
Full Background


Click the button below for examples of my NSFW. 18+ only, I am not liable for anyone underage who clicks the button.

1. Pieces are priced by character.
Ex: 2 Character Sketch = $50
2. Comics are flat charge, not per character.
3. There will be a background fee based on complexity $20-$30. However, basic backgrounds such as patterns/gradients are free.
4. Character complexity may include a fee of $15-$30. I will let you know if this fee is required.
5. NSFW is a case by case basis. Feel free to ask, but be aware that there's a $30 fee for it, if agreed to.

These are examples of other commission works I've done in case you wanted to see a wider range of my abilities

Will Draw:

  • Anthro/Furry

  • Sonic

  • Animals

  • OCs/Fancharacters

  • Any ships that don't fall in the Won't Draw category

  • Self Inserts

Won't Draw:

  • Humans

  • Mechs

  • Heavy Gore

  • Extreme Fetishes

  • Loli/Shota

  • Incest

  • Dark Blue Yoshis (no, seriously)

  • Political

  • Hateful/Offensive Material

If it doesn't show in these categories, feel free to ask!

Terms of Service

General Terms

  • I reserve the right to decline any commission.

  • Please include references for your commission. I need at least one.

  • Please conduct yourself in a civil manner.


  • I only accept payment through Paypal by invoice.

  • Payment must be upfront before the commission starts.

  • I'll put you on my queue list, but I don't accept payment until I'm ready to start the commission.


  • I show each phase for approval before moving on to the next phase.

  • Change limit is 5 per sketch/lineart phase. Anything past that is $10 per change.

  • Please keep major changes to sketch phase and minor ones to lineart. If you ask for changes past these phases, you will incur the $10 change fee per change.

  • Once the commission is approved in full, it's considered finished and no further changes will be done.

  • Regular commissions tend to take a month, but could take as long as three months. NSFW commissions could take three to four months. Comics could take upwards of five to seven months. Please be patient.

  • Upon completion, I will send you both a full resolution version and a watermarked low resolution version.


  • If you choose to cancel, the refund amount will be based on work completed before refund was asked for.

  • If I choose to cancel, I will refund the full amount, regardless of work completed.

  • If payment is not received within two weeks of the invoice being sent, the commission will be cancelled and you will be removed from the queue list.

Posting Work

  • You are welcome to post the pieces to your social media. Please post the watermarked version provided with a link back to preferably my Twitter account.

  • I will post commissions done to my Twitter and Furaffinity, unless you ask me not to post. NSFW commissions will be posted to my NSFW Twitter and Furaffinity on a case by case basis.

  • Commissioners do not have the right to mint/sell their commissioned work for NFT.


To contact me, please click on one of the first three icons below. Keep in mind that I'm more active on Twitter, so if you want a better chance of getting seen as soon as possible, DM me there. Thanks so much!

Queue List

  1. Capri

  2. ______

  3. ______

  4. ______

  5. ______

Here are examples of some of my NSFW art. Keep in mind that if you really want this, then you're gonna have to pay a fee of $30.